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Latest Update

Project has been updated to use XNA Game Studio 2.0.

Project Description
XNA based C# 2.5d engine designed to make sprites happy.

HappySprite is planned to be a comprehensive game engine that provides a framework to create real-time multi-player 2.5d games. The design goals are to provide a set of components that follow a separation of concerns to allow for maximum flexibility. The framework is targeted towards experienced developers.

The HappySprite library sits on top of the XNA framework and provides the following functionality:

Client side functionality:
  • True 3D Rendering
    • 2D Quads (i.e. Sprites)
    • Scrolling and animated quads (planned)
    • 3D meshes (planned)
  • 3D Scene graph
    • Orthro and Perspective cameras
    • Nested nodes
    • Culling (planned)
  • Input management
  • Audio management

Server side functionality:
  • 2D discrete collision detection (OBB, Circle, convex polygon, capsule, half-plane)
    • Broadphase (simple, quad-tree)
    • Narrowphase
  • 2D Dynamics (physics)
    • Rigid body
    • Collision response

Multi-player (planned):
  • Synchronization between client and server
  • UDP-based networking

The library is currently in beta and a first official beta release is planned soon. The source code is available as well.

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